Tired of wrinkles? Make up not working well to camouflage ugly crow’s feet? I can understand, yes, I can! I am 44 and when I started using La Dermanique a year back, I had those troubles with wrinkles too. But thankfully, I invested my time and money in a good serum. So, read all about how my wrinkles have reduced with this serum and how it will benefit your skin…

What Is It?

It is an anti wrinkle (anti aging) serum with concentrated extracts of tested ingredients. It claims to relieve the skin of dryness and improves collagen production within the skin, assisting the skin cells in repairing fast. It also claims to strengthen the connective tissue and prevent wrinkle formation. The USP of this product is that it utilizes clinically proven ingredients and has a plethora of satisfied consumers that have made the product a cult among aging women.


What Results Does It Promise?

  1. Reduced wrinkles length, density and production
  2. Healthier and supple skin
  3. Well moisturized and nourished skin
  4. Prevention from radical damage

La Dermanique Ingredients

  1. Pepha Tight
  2. Unitamuron
  3. Lavendox
  4. Coenzyme Q10
  5. Alpha Lipoic Acid
  6. antioxidants

How Does La Dermanique Work? 

  1. Pepha tight is a patented ingredient that boosts collagen and repairs the connective tissue so the skin doesn’t sag as the age grows
  2. Coenzyme Q10 assists the skin’s DNA repair process and further makes antioxidants to enhance the skin’s texture and smoothness
  3. Unitamuron binds moisture and makes the skin supple
  4. Lavendox increases smoothness and immunity of the skin with its topical application and also keeps radical damage minimum


The Formula Is Clinically Proven!

It has been revealed through clinical studies conducted by dermatology experts that the serum reduces wrinkle density by 10% and improves skin moisture and texture by 17% everyday!

How Was My Experience Of Using The Serum?

Thiswas suggested to me by my dermatologist and when I started using it, I could feel the difference. My skin wasn’t stretched or dry and I didn’t get any acne outbreaks on my nose and forehead either (I have combination skin). Besides, my skin is smoother now and my crow’s feet and smile wrinkles are less visible as my skin looks more supple now.


  1. It works on all skin types
  2. Make sure that you are not using pore closing cleansers and other comedogenic products for makeup and skin care
  3. Use it everyday (after cleansing in morning and night)


Where To Buy?

La Dermanique is available through online order that you can place by clicking over the link provided here.